MEPHI  - Microbes, Evolution, Phylogénie et Infections 

The main goal of MEPHI is to be in the global top-ten units for research in clinical microbiology and infectious diseases, microbiology of microbiota, including microbiota-host relationships, anti-infectious drug resistance and monitoring, paleomicrobiology and translational research; and in the global top ten in terms of knowledge transfer in clinical microbiology including surveillance of diseases and clonal emergence. To achieve these objectives the MEPHI will pursue excellent research driven by scientific curiosity, expanding and illuminating its objects of study by applying renewed technologies; pursuing an open research and integrating researches from the most fundamental aspects to the human and social science research on populations in the field of infectious diseases and clinical microbiology; and will collaborate with VITROME and other research units in IHU Méditerranée Infection. 


U1095 - UMR_D 198 - UM 63 


IHU Méditerranée Infection
19-21 Bd Jean Moulin 13005 - Marseille 

Direction de l'unité de recherche 

Faculté de Médecine| Campus Timone

Equipes de recherche associées à Pharmacie 

Agents antimicrobiens et résistance, surveillance et stratégies thérapeutiques 

Responsable(s) de l'équipe: 
Jean-Marc ROLAIN

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