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Academic department

  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department

    Head of Department Professor Patrice Vanelle

    • Department of Analytical Chemistry, Quality and Nutrition
    • Department of Physical Chemistry, Risk Prevention and Technological Nuisances
    • Department of Therapeutic, Inorganic and Structural Chemistry
    • Department of Organic Chemistry and related (Pharmaceutical Law and Hydrology)
    • Department of Pharmacognosy, Ethnopharmacology, Homeopathy - Botany and Cryptogamy
  • Pharmaceutical Biology Department

    Head Professor Françoise Dignat-George

    • Department of Basic, Molecular and Clinical Biochemistry
    • Department of Cellular Biology
    • Hematology-Immunology Department
    • Microbiology Department
    • Department of Parasitology and Medical Mycology, Hygiene and Zoology
  • Department of Medicines and Health Safety

    Head Dr Benjamin Guillet

    • Department of Clinical Pharmacy
    • Department of Pharmacodynamics - Physiology
    • Department of Toxicokinetics and Pharmacokinetics
    • Department of General Toxicology - Environmental Toxicology
  • Department of Pharmaceutical Bioengineering

    Responsible Professor Philippe Piccerelle

    • Department of Biophysics, Biomathematics and Informatics
    • Department of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
    • Department of Galenic Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy, Biopharmacy and Cosmetics - Nutrition