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Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

For my CPD, I choose the faculty!

The Faculty of Pharmacy has trained you. Today, it trains the next generations of pharmacists, your future colleagues. Through the CPD programs that are offered to you, the faculty continues to train you throughout your professional life.

It is by remaining partners that we will impose the pharmacist as a key player among health professionals.

The obligations of Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

These programmes must be carried out by organisations (ODPC) that have been accredited by the ANDPC and are subject to an evaluation of their scientific capacities by independent scientific commissions (CSI). This accreditation is valid for each health profession. The UMFCS of Marseille is thus accredited as an ODPC and, to date, this accreditation is valid for all health professions.

Its objective is to implement programmes that reflect the high scientific and educational level of its academics, to use innovative methods, to seek partners within learned societies to ensure a university label and to configure CPD programmes for the scientific events (congresses, seminars) that they organise.

Registration for these programmes is done via the ANDPC website for self-employed professionals, which then relays it to the ODPC UMFCS and takes care of the financing. For salaried professionals, it is their employer who takes care of the registration, which is done directly with the UMFCS and which remains at the initiative of the professional himself.

All health professionals are obliged every three years to follow a CPD programme carried out by an approved ODPC as part of their continuing education obligation. The ODPC is required to issue a certificate of attendance or follow-up.

Joint Unit for Continuing Education in Health

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