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Person in charge: Pr Stéphane HONORE

Procedures for pharmacy internships:

During their studies, pharmacy students are required to do practical training courses. These internships, close to professional realities, are essential for the acquisition of the foundations of the pharmaceutical art and the ethics of the profession. The validation of these internships is mandatory to obtain the State diploma of Doctor of Pharmacy.

Important information concerning the requests of exemption to carry out a training course out of district:

Due to the very exceptional situation we are experiencing this year, we will only be able to know definitively which pharmacies are still available at the beginning of July, knowing that our students remain a priority in our district.

Therefore, you will get the answers to your requests for exemption at this period, if you maintain them.

  • Introductory pharmacist course (DFG SP2)

    Students enrolled in the 2nd year of the Diploma of General Training in Pharmaceutical Sciences (DFGSP2) must complete an introductory pharmacy internship before enrolling in the 3rd year of the DFGSP. This internship lasts four weeks and must be carried out on a full-time and continuous basis in the same pharmacy.

    The objective of the introductory pharmacist training course is to introduce students to the knowledge of medicines and other health products, from their management (receipt of orders, appropriate storage, monitoring of stocks, etc.) to their integration into the pharmaceutical act of dispensing (reading of prescriptions, legislation, regulations, indications, validation, etc.). It also includes practical training in the recognition of raw materials and in the preparation of common preparations in a pharmacy. It contributes to the discovery of the different activities in the pharmacy, including the public health missions of the pharmacist. This internship must also allow the student to have a first contact with the patients of the pharmacy.

    The introductory internship is validated by the internship supervisor after consultation with the internship advisor.

  • Thematic teaching application course (DFA SP1)

    The objective of the internship is to allow all students to apply in a real situation the knowledge acquired during the 3rd and 4th year thematic courses on the most important pathologies and the main therapeutic classes. The 4th year internship lasts two weeks and must be carried out full-time and continuously in the same pharmacy, with an approved internship supervisor.

    This internship takes place in January. With the help of his training supervisor, the trainee will choose a theme to be treated, from the list of themes proposed by the Faculty of Pharmacy. The pharmacy team will be able, in anticipation, to collect prescriptions on the chosen theme, to prepare patient appointments... The student will also be able to select other prescriptions, delivered during the internship. The trainee will analyse the selected prescriptions and comment on them in his/her internship report. The objective of this internship is to make the student aware of the dispensing of drugs, pharmaceutical monitoring, therapeutic education of the patient, advice and hygienic and dietary measures, biological monitoring as well as self-monitoring, and the prevention of complications.

    The internship, as well as the internship report, will be evaluated by the student's internship supervisor and by a jury of internship advisors and/or teachers from the Faculty of Pharmacy.

  • Professional practice in a pharmacy (6th year)

    The students registered in the 6th year of Pharmacy must carry out a six month internship in a pharmacy. This internship is carried out from January to the end of June, full time and continuously in the same pharmacy, with an approved internship supervisor. However, it can also be carried out in two pharmacies, in two periods of three months, after consultation with the Faculty and under certain conditions. The trainee receives a monthly bonus from the host pharmacy.

    During this internship, the trainee is recommended to participate in all the activities of the pharmacy, i.e. orders, filling prescriptions and magistral preparations, management and administrative formalities as well as all the related activities. At the end of this training period, the student must:

    • master the posologies ;
    • know how to make magistral preparations according to the good manufacturing practices as well as the identification of raw materials;
    • know the symptoms of common pathologies and be able to give therapeutic and preventive advice concerning them;
    • know how to analyse and comment on prescriptions;
    • be able to ensure the therapeutic follow-up from the patient file;
    • be able to elaborate and write a pharmaceutical opinion;
    • have learned the essentials of the daily work of a pharmacy, including management and administrative work;
    • know how to integrate into the pharmacy team.

    An examination to validate the internship, composed of a jury of internship supervisors, is organized at the beginning of July, in the following form

    • an admissibility test including a written commentary of a prescription, the realization and the pricing of two preparations, a question of advice to the pharmacy as well as an examination of recognition of vegetable drugs, galenic preparations and chemical products appearing on a list provided to the student at the beginning of the training course.
    • An admission, in the form of oral questioning on the following three topics:
      • Regulations relating to the dispensing of medicines, technical control of a prescription, regulatory registers and labelling;
      • Stock management (purchase, rotation and monitoring), conditions of reimbursement (Social Security, mutual insurance companies, AMG, work accidents)
      • The main drug classes

    The trainee who has obtained the average in the two tests of validation of the training course is definitively admitted.

Person in charge: Pr Stéphane HONORÉ

  • Compulsory internship in a hospital (3rd year - DFG SP3)

    Coming soon...

  • University hospital internship (5th year - DFA SP2)

    • For the OFFICINE course :

      Hospital internships:

      The student will have to carry out 2 internships of 6 months in a Pharmacy with Internal Use (PUI) or a Laboratory of Medical Biology with possible secondment in a clinical service in both cases.

      They will take place over a period of 12 months, half-time, from September 1st to August 31st.

      At least one of the two internships must be carried out in a PUI.

    • For the INDUSTRY course :

      Internship in Industry :

      The student will have to carry out a 6-month full-time internship from September 1 to February 28.

      The internship may be carried out either in a Pharmacy for Internal Use or in a Medical Biology Laboratory, with in both cases a possible secondment to a clinical department.

    • For the internship course:

      The student will have to carry out a 6 months internship full time from March 1st to August 31st.

      The internship can be carried out either in a Pharmacy with Internal Use, or in a Laboratory of Medical Biology, with in both cases possible secondment in a clinical service.

    Conditions to carry out the Hospital Internship

    To obtain a mark higher than or equal to 25 out of 50 in the examination of preparation to the hospital functions carried out in M1S2

    Procedures for choosing hospital internships

    The choices are made online on the website of the faculty according to the ranking of the student in his field during the semester of the year M1S2.


    Before the beginning of each internship, it is essential to introduce yourself to your new department head.


    For half-time internships: Mornings from 8 or 9 am to 12 or 1 pm respectively.

    For full time internships: from 8 or 9 am to 5 or 6 pm respectively with a 1 hour break at noon.


    Hospital pharmacy students are entitled to 30 working days of annual leave, with Saturdays counted as working days.

    Fill in a leave of absence request form (see department secretariat). Have it validated by your department head.


    Notify your hospital department and the medical affairs office. Send one of the parts of the sick leave certificate issued by your doctor to medical affairs. The first two parts should be sent to the social security fund to which you belong.


    The gross annual amount received by the hospital student is 2980.96 Euros (Order of 12 July 2010 relating to the emoluments, remuneration or allowances of medical staff carrying out their duties on a full-time or part-time basis in public health institutions).

    Validation of training periods

    Article R6153-91 of the Public Health Code

    Each head of department or person in charge of the structure to which the hospital pharmacy students are assigned gives his assessment of each of them. For this purpose, a placement assessment form is drawn up for each student.

    The form includes an assessment:

    It is sent at the end of the training period to the director of the Training and Research Unit to which the student belongs and is taken into consideration by the university authority for the validation of hospital training periods. The placement control sheet may mention the usefulness of an additional placement, unpaid in case of lack of attendance, prolonged absence without justification, or paid in case of illness duly noted as having interrupted the student's duties. The director of the training and research unit is responsible for organizing the student's assignment for this additional training period.

    In addition, a presentation session by the student of the work carried out during the hospital internship, in the form of a poster, is organized by the faculty.

    1. On the trainee's attendance
    2. On the quality of his work
    3. On his behaviour towards the patients and the hospital team.


    A gown will be lent to you in your department of assignment.

    Social security

    As of September 1st, you will become an employee of the hospital and will therefore contribute to the social security system.


    Decree no. 2014-674 of 24 June 2014 amending the provisions of the public health code relating to the hospital duties of medical, odontology and pharmacy students.

    Hospital pharmacy students are subject to the hospital's internal regulations. They are bound by the obligation of professional discretion and are required to respect professional secrecy for all facts of which they have knowledge during their training period.

    Situation of the hospitals

    The vast majority of internships are carried out at the Marseille University Hospital (Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Marseille)

    • Timone Hospital
    • Conception Hospital
    • Sainte Marguerite Hospital
    • North Hospital
  • What internships?

    The double degree in Pharmacy-Research represents an essential path for students wishing to move towards university and hospital careers. It is also a double skill extremely valued by the drug industry in the field of research and development with important opportunities for high positions of responsibility, and in public research (INSERM, CNRS).

  • What internships? When and where?

    In order to introduce our students to the world of innovation, the Faculty's research units offer internships to students from the second year onwards. These internships of 1 to 3 months allow them to become familiar with the world of research and to participate in a research and development project. The internships are supervised by teacher-researchers, researchers or engineers from teams accredited by Aix-Marseille University who introduce the student to the design and implementation of an experimental approach. Some internships may also be carried out in close collaboration with pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies, providing additional opportunities in terms of experience and future outlets. These research internships are very practical, with a great deal of emphasis on "bench work" and the analysis of results with the aim of advancing fundamental research on diagnosis or therapy. Longer internships (6 months) required to obtain a Research Master's degree are offered from the 5th year onwards or during the internship, preparing students to obtain a Doctorate of Science in parallel with the Diploma of Pharmacist.

  • How to do it?

    Students interested in the double curriculum Pharmacy-Research can contact the Research Office and/or contact the different research units of the Faculty.

L’inter-CHU est une procédure qui permet à l’interne d’effectuer un stage d’internat en dehors de sa subdivision ou sa région d’affectation ; que ce soit en France ou à l’étranger.

Règles de réalisation d’un Inter-CHU :

Quand ?
Pour les DES ancien régime : après 2 semestres validés
Pour les DES réformés :
- stage hors subdivision dans la région : après 2 semestres validés
- stage hors région : en phase d’approfondissement

Combien ?
Pour les DES ancien régime : 3 stages dont 2 à l’étranger
Pour les DES réformés :
- stage hors subdivision dans la région : 2 stages maximum
- stage hors région : 2 stages maximum