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Governance and Administration

  • Dean

    Prof. Françoise Dignat-George

  • Vice-deans

    • Pr Pascal Rathelot: In charge of Pedagogy
    • Dr François Devred: In charge of International Relations and Communication
    • Prof. Jean-Paul Borg: In charge of Research
  • Dean's Advisor

    Prof. Patrice Vanelle

  • Academic's branch supervisors

    • Dr Caroline Ducros and Dr Edouard Lamy: Retail sector
    • Prof. Philippe Piccerelle and Dr. Jérémy Magalon: Industry sector
    • Prof. Laurence Camoin and Dr. Guillaume Hache: Internship Section
  • Project managers

    • Dr Manon Carré: ICTE
    • Dr Caroline Ducros: Pharmafac
    • Dr Pascale Barbier: APOGÉE
    • Pr David Bergé-Lefranc: Sustainable Development
    • Dr Guillaume Hache: SIDES
  • Principal secretary of the Dean

    Aurelie Belenguer

Official Documents Governance

List of the administrative services of the Faculty of Pharmacy of Marseille...

  • Reception - Switchboard - Logistics

    Reception of visitors, switchboard, reception and dispatch of mail and parcels for the faculty, management of lecture theatres and classrooms (reservations, logistics, audiovisuals ....)

    Email :

    Open to the public :

    Monday to Friday

    • From 8:00 am to 12:30 pm
    • From 1.30 pm to 5 pm

    Phone : 04 91 83 55 00
    Fax : 04 91 80 26 12

    Location :

    Ground floor
    Great hall

  • General Administration

    The service organizes the coordination of common services. It is responsible for monitoring general affairs and administrative relations and all the administrative services of the UFR.

    Email :

    Administrative Manager of the Faculty :

    Florence GAUREL

    Secretary :

    Pascale GAILLARD

    Management assistant :

    Dorine Mortelette

    Human resources manager :

    Christine Pathier


    1st floor
    Administrative wing

  • Dean's Office

    The Dean's Office is the link between the Dean and all the other departments of the faculty and manages contacts with all external personalities.

    Person in charge :

    Aurelie BELENGUER
    Phone : 04 91 83 55 78
    Email :

    Location :

    1st floor
    Administrative wing

  • Admission office's contacts

    The Schooling Service ensures the academic, administrative and pedagogical follow-up of the students of the Faculty of Pharmacy. The service is also responsible for the organization and conduct of examinations.

    Opening hours to the public :

    • Monday to Friday
    • From 10:00 to 12:30
    • From 14h00 to 16h30

    Closed to the public :

    Wednesday afternoon and Friday afternoon

    Location :

    • 1st floor
    • Administrative wing


    Email :

    Head of department :

    Nathalie BESNARD

    Schooling managers :

    • DFG SP2 (2nd year): Dominique GALL
    • DFG SP3 (3rd year): Magali OLIVE
    • DFA SP1 (4th year): Nathalie SYLVI
    • DFA SP2 (5th year) : Brigitte GARCIA
    • 6th year and thesis : Nathalie SYLVI
    • DES (Internship), DESC, DES accreditations : Nathalie LOUBET
    • Professional degree, Master, University doctorate, HDR, Establishment diplomas: Sylvie LOPES
    • Teaching schedules: Magali OLIVE
    • Reception and information : Dominique GALL
  • International and Research Office

    This office manages inter-university exchanges carried out within the framework of the European Erasmus + programme or outside the European zone, internships for our students abroad, and the reception of foreign students, teachers or researchers.

    Email :

    Responsible for :

    Manon BONIFAY


    Ground floor - Great hall

  • Public Relations Office

    The Communication Service is in charge of disseminating information to students and all the staff of the UFR. This service is in direct relation with the University Communication Service and ensures the organization of various forums, congresses and events inherent to the faculty.

    Email :

    Responsible for :

    Florent Agniel

    Open to the public :

    From Monday to Friday
    From 8:30 am to 5:30 pm

    Location :

    Ground floor
    Great hall

  • Technical maintenance

    This department manages all maintenance contracts. It studies and carries out development work and also manages the work contracts of external companies.

    Email :

    • Roger Favre (Manager)
    • Pierre Garrigos
    • Coline Babel
    • Jean-Luc Daillaud
    • Remy Diego
    • Mikael Kock

    Open to the public :

    Monday to Friday
    From 8h00 to 12h00
    From 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm


    University library building
    1st floor

  • Central security desk

    The building housing the faculty is a high-rise building (IGH), particular constraints are imposed on the UFR and in particular the obligation of fire safety of the building day and night and 7 days a week.

    Phone number of the Security PC :

    04 91 83 55 20

    Open to the public :

    7 days a week
    24 hours a day


    Ground floor
    Great hall