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Opening of a new course within the Master of Health Engineering: the DIGIPHARM course.

This course offers students the opportunity to question the digital solutions for Pharmacy. Registrations will open very soon.

  • Master 2
  • Initial training
  • Registration fee: 243 euros
  • 60 ECTS (Bac + 5: 300 ECTS)
  • Objectives

    The objective of the M2 DIGIPHARM course is to confer a double competence in the field of coding applied to pharmaceutical sciences.

  • Target audience

    Students in pharmacy, medicine, interns, biologists wishing to acquire an expertise in the field of algorithms, programming and development of digital tools applied to pharmaceutical sciences, and students in mathematics, physics or engineering school wishing to acquire a specialization in health issues (R&D, non-clinical and clinical development, pharmaco-economics).

  • Admission requirements

    Hold a M1 in a related discipline (biology or programming) or students in pharmacy, medicine or interns who have validated their DFASP2 (pharmacy) or DFASM (medicine). A basic level of coding (Python, R, Matlab, Julia...) is required as well as an appetite for algorithms.

  • Knowledge to be acquired

    Basic programming skills in the usual languages (R, Python), basic algebra and statistics, analytical ability to understand the problems specific to the world of medicine and transpose them into algorithmic problems, knowledge of the way pharmaceutical research works and of the medicine circuit.

  • Skills to be acquired

    Ability to code in the usual languages (R, Python), ability to translate a medico-pharmaceutical problem into an algorithmic problem, ability to carry out a project to develop digital solutions and to promote it.

  • Internships and supervised projects

    The DIGIPHARM course is largely based on project-based learning, alone or in teams. The second semester is devoted to a 6-month internship in an academic, regulatory, hospital or industrial environment (pharmaceutical industry, biotechs, diagnostics, digital sector).

  • Professional opportunities

    The DIGIPHARM course can lead to a doctorate (Ph.D.) in the academic or private sector (pharmaceutical industry, biotechs, diagnostics, digital sector).

  • Partnerships

    The DIGIPHARM course is based on a network of academic research laboratories, university hospitals (CHU, anti-cancer centres), or private partners (Novartis, Roche, Astra Zeneca, ExactCure, Sanoia, etc.).

  • Orientation assistance

    DIGIPHARM is steered by a Copil, which brings together teacher-researchers and industrialists who are able to answer students' questions about career orientation and strategy.

  • Study abroad

    Second semester internships abroad, particularly in English-speaking countries, are strongly encouraged, both in academic and industrial settings. Depending on the number of students, laboratories in the Schengen area, the European area outside the EU (Switzerland, Great Britain) or the USA are likely to welcome M2 DIGIPHARM students.